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No sleeping on the job!

As Lead Interior Designer at Bentley Motors Limited, Rajesh Kutty seems to have found his niche, even while he sometimes sacrifices sleep to work on other design projects.

“When I was working near London,” he remembers, “I had done a project with Curvature Group that harked back at the Mark-I Ford Escort. This caught the eye of Top Gear magazine and some websites, and also some guys at Bentley. I also had a contact at the Bentley Design studio, who was very instrumental in me joining the design team. A decade later, I am still as excited working with Bentley Motors; the grass has never seemed greener anywhere else.”

Bentley Art Auction work, displayed to raise funds for Christies at Bonhams, London

Bentley EXP 9f , Seat Infotainment

Bentley EXP 9f , Steering Wheel

Rajesh believes that the car industry today is undergoing a technological change which is also leading to a social change:

“The age of information technology, alternate fuel in the form of battery technology amongst others, and the infrastructure that comes with it is more obvious today than ever before. As a consequence, the advent of fully autonomous cars is inevitable. All this translates to a completely new architecture that the car will now allow us, both in terms of the exterior and interior as well as the interface. An electric car literally puts every manufacturer in a level playing field; the challenge then is how we make Bentley stand out in terms of luxury and performance.

The future looks exciting with all these new challenges that we are already working on, using exciting new materials that complement the new architecture.”

The Ford Escort revisited, concept

Bentley GT3-R sketch

Nevertheless, one day he would like to have a design company of his own catering to automotive and product design, preferably in the luxury segment.

“We have to create our own luck to pursue our career,” – Rajesh advises youngsters keen on a career in automobile design. “To have the right skills is a given, but to go that extra mile by persevering is what makes the difference between actually fulfilling the dream and not.”

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