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Over a 20-year career, Shobhana Hadap has effectively managed to combine her graphic design skills with her love for space design.

What, in your opinion, does it take to create ‘Experiencial spaces’?

Today’s world is based on physical and digital perspectives that continue to control, connect and influence our lives. At Studio Mars we have coined the term ‘Experiencial Spaces’ – these are persuasively designed environments for brands to deliver a meaningful multi-dimensional brand experience that triggers cognitive responses, leading people to connect with the brand or intent within a given space. Experiential Spaces emphasize human wellness and betterment.

What goes into creating a holistic brand experience?

For most organizations brand management is all about positioning, but that is not enough to create a holistic brand experience. To drive brand loyalty and connect, deploying an integrated dimensional brand plan for a unified brand experience is the need of the hour. What you see on Instagram should be in sync with the advertising; the push ads give should be extended to the retail store right to the billing. Hence, holistic brand management is about the total experience a customer acquires and thus gaining their trust.

What makes communication design simple yet impactful?

I am a firm believer in minimalistic, simplistic and straightforward communication design, be it through identity, films, print or social media. We are living in an over cluttered world of communication, where the dynamics are changing drastically and the two-minute elevator pitch is passé since we get just two seconds! It’s true that a picture speaks a thousand words – communication design is more visually articulated and easy to apprehend, since we never know if our audience understands Tamil or Swahili.

This article was originally published in POOL 108.

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