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The pathbreaker

201106RabiaGupta00“Money and fame will come, but what really matters is your product.” – Rabia tells to all young designers.

Principal designer and founder of Mumbai-based Rabia Gupta Designs, one of India’s leading strategic design companies, Rabia Gupta talks to POOL about a journey that started with studying graphic design at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad more than 20 years ago.

Whilst I may have been practicing design for almost two decades, I would say that the industry has only just started emerging as a whole, – shares Rabia. Whilst the landscape has changed considerably within the industry – there are many more design professionals out there, so much more chatter about design, and lots of passion and intent – I still feel we are a disorganized group of individuals pulling in different directions.

Rabia’s journey in design has been amazing, and it still continues to be so.

“My reasons for setting up RGD were very simple – to provide pathbreaking contextual design solutions, and so as long as I can keep doing that, and keep designing and creating, I am happy.” – she explains. “I would like to keep up our best practices, keep up our end product and keep pushing the envelope towards creating design that makes India proud.”

Read this story in POOL 12.

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  1. Nandini Varma says:

    Congrats Rabia! I have had the good fortune of working at Rabia Gupta Designs. It was one of my most memorable experiences so far. She is a great boss, mentor and dear dear friend and I wish her the very best always!:)

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