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Raring to go

Founder and Creative Director of Pune-based Cub Design, Ketaki Chavan is no novice when it comes to translating her ideas into design projects that work.

“Design awareness is very important while working with new clients.” – she says. “Your confidence plays an important role here. The client’s lack of expertise in this field can affect the quality of the design. In such times, it’s our responsibility as designers to convince the client that any further alteration would impair the design’s ability to communicate its main aspects and that the design as is will yield much more positive results.”

Bicycle carrier

Ekakshara: Posters

My Own Ganesha: Packaging Design

Cutting Chai Foundation: Logo Design

Absolut India

Panditji: Logo Design

K&U Kids: Brand Identity Design

Street Flower Seller: Illustration

Ketaki believes that “every project is exciting when you love what you do, but when a brand identity design really comes together, it is very fulfilling. Designers learn from criticism and improve their knowledge and skills with each project.” She advises to young designers:

“The most rewarding aspect of my work is knowing that I have a sustainable career and am doing something I love. So, step out of your comfort zone and do what makes you happy!”

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