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Recording emotions

Everyday occurrences, from the mundane to the more sublime, inspire collage artist Gaurvi Sharma.

“I like to capture the most common moments that actually fill up my day, – artist says, – or for that matter, everyone else’s, which is why so many people connect to my works. I maintain a visual diary, and anything I feel strongly about instantly flows out in the form of a sketch. I make 5-10 sketches every day depending on what is going through my head.”

The process of collage making for her is a story in itself:

“I set out with a basic visual in my mind but the process takes its course and as I look through magazines and books for pieces, the visual keeps on changing. The color and the whole composition are never pre-decided; the process is very dynamic which is what I like the most about it.”

‘Morning Tea’

‘My love for you is growing’ series

‘ Clothesline’

‘My love for you is growing’ series

She has found a huge fan base on social networking sites who strongly relate to her visuals:

“Being able to create artworks which people can connect to and which affect their lives is what inspires me. The honesty of these responses which are laced with raw emotions gives me the inspiration to continue what I do.”

The constant change, she believes, does bring freshness and excitement in what you do. “With all due respect to the artists who do stick to a signature style, – she says, – I still have not come to terms with why one should.”

“I think my biggest achievement is being able to continue with my art, how I want it to be instead of what others want, and to live the dream of being a full time artist.”

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