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Saniya Kantawala has varied creative interests that add new dimensions to her multifaceted interior design firm.

Esora Winery and Bar

What, in your opinion, does it take to create the vibe of a space?

A good understanding of the brief of a project helps us to understand the client’s mind first, which leads to creating a good concept, leading to a good design with an affluent vibe.

How do you approach a new project and client?

I start by absorbing the brief – everything else organically follows from there. Dealing with a client starts from imagining ourselves in their shoes. We try to be as sensitive to their needs. Ashiesh Shah was the one who taught me the importance of effective communication with a client. Understanding your client’s need and their vision and then being able to communicate your visualization is extremely crucial. I also learnt how to truly convince a client on a design you strongly believe in. Most of our clients have trusted our vision. Our focus in understanding them has a lot more to do with functionality than form.

Yogita Kadam Design Boutique

What has been the oddest brief you’ve ever received?

It involved having to incorporate eras of every design revolution in Europe under one roof – extremely odd but even more challenging! It was for an 18,000 sq. ft. space.

Mangrangi Goregaon

How important are awards when it comes to business?

Awards do help our work get noticed, but our achievements are our well finished projects. A happy client and a client who uses our services again for another project or refers us to someone else is all that matters. That’s how we have been able to grow. It’s great to receive award, and it might make a difference to our work indirectly, but nobody comes to us because we have won awards.

This article was originally published in POOL 109.

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