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Through science into art

49_201407_DenverKotian00Denver Kotian opted to study science before he realized art was his métier. As a freelance illustrator and designer, he also explores his creativity through activities like cooking, dancing, writing and occasionally partying!
He believes in experimentation and doesn’t like to stick to one particular style or medium.
Being a terribly competitive person it’s important for Denver to constantly outdo himself.

American Horror Story - Sister Jude

American Horror Story – Sister Jude

One aspect that’s conducive to achieving growth for him is freedom:

“I do not like to be bogged down by expectations and so I tend to set myself free from being obliged to create my art according to a certain preconceived ideology.”

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland

Denver admits that he loves nothing about his work:

“I barely even like my work and I strongly believe that that’s a very good thing.”

“The whole point of art is to change and evolve, – he believes, – and we, as artists, should evolve with it. Art would not evolve if it were already perfect in the eyes of the artist.”

Theater Adaptations

Theater Adaptations

He observes minimalism becoming one of emerging trends in design and illustration today:

“Currently, I’ve noticed that a lot of art, especially graphic design and illustration, is bordering on minimalism. Elements that would otherwise be complex and intricate are being broken down into their core structure, thereby forcing the viewer to focus on function rather than form.”

The Swagger Monster

The Swagger Monster

Explore more of Denver’s art in POOL 49.

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