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Seeing double

IMG_4667_edited_squareDesign is a way of life for Parul and Mooshir Vahanvati, who have put their combined vision to work through Rayden Design Studio.
Rayden Design Studio was set up in Pune in November 2010. It is the outcome of the combined vision of Mooshir and Parul who have been married for over seven years and have known each other for almost a decade. Though collaborating for Rayden has been a more personal than professional choice, they envision a multidisciplinary studio where playing with art, design and technology takes place.

'Amaltas' - modular lamp shade and it variation

‘Amaltas’ – modular lamp shade and it variation

'Urban tweeters' – elegant birds you can dine with

‘Urban tweeters’ – elegant birds you can dine with

'Maximus' – light full of life

‘Maximus’ – light full of life

Mooshir and Parul tend to minimalism in their designs.

“‘Less is More’ is a thought that guides a lot of our creativity. We don’t shy away from experimenting but we prefer the end result to be clean, inviting and precise. The ‘minimalist’ outlook is a byproduct of what we aim to create but not the aim itself.”

They share understanding of design once expressed by Dieter Rams:

Floating wall shelf

Floating wall shelf

Good design means as little design
as possible
Simple is better than complicated
Quiet is better than loud
Unobtrusive is better than exciting
Small is better than large
Light is better than heavy
Plain is better than coloured
Harmony is better than divergency
Being well balanced is better than
being exalted
Continuity is better than change
Sparse is better than profuse
Neutral is better than aggressive
The obvious is better than that which
must be sought
Few elements are better than many
A system is better than single elements

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