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Seeking new experiences

New Delhi-based freelance graphic designer and illustrator Kavya Singh is looking forward to widening her horizons even as she hones her skills halfway across the world.

She enjoys individual assignments and at the same time is extremely driven towards collaborative work: “I think a collaborative effort by the like-minded and not-so-likeminded yields more fascinating results than a single mind.” Rapidly changing social climate of the world has caught her attention recently:

“Our newsfeeds are filled with discussions and talks about some crisis in a certain part of the world. This has developed my curiosity in exploring how graphic design can be a part of enabling change and challenging the purpose it can fulfill. I want to dig a little deeper and utilize the potential of graphic design to effectively communicate and facilitate positive impact.”

Wander. Dream. Discover. Explore- Available at Kulture Shop

Artwork created for the cover of WInsights, Wipro’s quarterly business journal

An artwork created for Housing’s campaign- Cosy Corners.

Food & Drinks- Artwork for SHOUUT

Feedback is Kavya’s favorite part of the design process:

“It’s almost like ‘the moment of truth’. It’s interesting to see how different minds perceive the same piece of work and how sometimes it can be hilariously different from your intent. Besides that, I feel that after a constructive feedback session, the changes I incorporate in my work are more channelized. This helps me step up my work to another level and sometimes I end up with even better ideas from where I had started.”

Flash Sales- Artwork for SHOUUT

At last shares her plan of the future:

“I want to create work with people from all over. I also want to extend my practice of graphic design to facilitate work that creates powerful experiences and a positive impact.”

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