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Shortlist of nominations for India’s Best Design Studio

POOL Magazine presents the shortlist of the Nominations for the Best indian Design Studio.
It has been drawn from email survey conducted with about 100 experts + online survey conducted with Designindia community on Facebook and Yahoo group, with participation of over 500 professionals. The list is in alphabatic order and does not signify any order. Indi Design being the publisher of POOL magazine will withdraw from the lists.
Next Stage:
Now we are requesting each nominated Design Studio to fill in a form, answer a questionaire, and send us Five latest projects in the relevant category. They should get in touch at
60th issue of POOL Magazine will unveil India’s Best Design Studio in each category, a list that is taken out by designers and recognised by peers. Congratulations to all in the Shortlist, there is a lot to learn from each other, POOL will bring out the best of Indian talent.
Wait a little bit more and for the first time we will have a list of India’s Best Design Studio for 2015.

Graphic Design:

Beard Design
INDI Design
Ishan Khosla Design Studio Delhi
Lemon Design
Lopez Design
TSK Design
Turmeric design
Umbrella design

Industrial Design:

Axiom design
Design Directions
Desmania design
Foley Designs
Future Factory, Mumbai
INDI Design
Invent India
Neil Foley Design
Onio design
Ticket design

Architectural Design:

A&S Designs, Pune
Abin design studio
Bus ride
Hafeez contractors
INCUBIS, New Delhi
Matharoo Associates
Mathew & Ghosh architects Pvt. Ltd.
Rajiv Saini

Brand Design:

Idiom Design
INDI Design
Lemon design studio
Lopez Design
Umbrella Design

UX Design:

Beon systems, Chandigarh
Fractal Ink
Good work labs, Banglore
INDI Design
Notion ink design
Think Design Studio

Furniture Design:

AFKD Design studio
Anantaya Design Studio
Dovetail, Bangalore
KREA, New Delhi
Pepper Fry
Sahil n Sarthak
Sangaru design
Shrikant Nivasarkar

Fashion Design:

Aneeth Arora, New Delhi
Anita Dongre
Krishna Patel NID
Rajesh Pratap
Reena Dhaka

Merchandise Design:

Adig design studio
Figments co.
Happily Unmarried
Nappa Dori Design studio
Surabhi Bhowmick

Craft Design:

Cobalt Design
January design, Gurgaon
Laila Tyabji
Rajiv Sethi
Sangaaru Design
Upasana Design studio

Animation Design:

Anibrain vfx
Blink Motion
dreamcatcher studios
Studio Eeksaurus
Ishu Patel
Reliance Animation
Rocket science animation, Gurgaon

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31 Responses to Shortlist of nominations for India’s Best Design Studio

  1. Narendra ghate says:

    Some glaring omissions ( like tata elxsi, which is the largest and the most successful studio in India today … Revenue wise we are 3 times the nearest competition .. 320 staff.. Highest in India..)

  2. Jojo says:

    This list is fake

  3. Sudhir says:

    Narendra Ghate: Yes i agree. I was surprised to see that out of the 600 + Design community, not a single mention of Tata Elxsi came. But then this also means that TE is not known / not top of the mind with in Design community. Something you should do something about. It also says a lot that none of the 320 staff took the survey, or did not mention their own company. I checked even you did not. Perhaps TE to get involved with the community as well.
    By the way there is next year..:)

  4. Sudhir says:

    JOJO- you are wrong. the List is not fake. each of the listed company/ studio is a very respected studio in India.

  5. Great list Sudhir. However no category for in-house design teams? E.g we have a pretty big UX team in Adobe. The UX for some very popular Adobe software is designed out of Noida and Bangalore.

    • bestpool says:

      Sunandini: however we did not issue any guidelines as to what kind of studios to be nominated, we did not see any inhouse studio nominations. Also we didnt think of it..will plan something for this next year. Do help me build this.

  6. Oh my apologies. These are design studios. Sorry Sudhir please disregard my last comment and delete it.

  7. How come self nomination and number of own supporters will certify ‘best’ in the categoryÔÇŽ this survey could certify the most popular category , if number of votes is the criterion. Pool magazine is only platform we have and i am sure what ever Pool will do will have real good logic. I am fine with survey, as long as employee of the company are not voting for them selves. hope you will clarify that in publication.

    • bestpool says:

      Abhijit: The best is decided in two stages, first is the Reputation amongst the peers and community, For this We checked with a mix of 100 experts, asked each to name two best design studios within a category. This made one list. Then we had an open Survey that was posted on facebook, twitter, yahoo group, Linked in. About 400 people responded. This made 2nd list. In this survey we asked for one best name for one category. Some people played pranks and filled one name in all categories, they were disqualified.with certain weights a few more names got added to the list. I must say many of these names i am not familiar with, and obviously names i know are not in the list.
      For the second stage now we are asking each nominated studio (we do not have contacts of all) to send five latest projects within that particular category. and there is a form to be filled with organisational details including IT returns, employees etc. This is a non-compromising format, some may decide not to send information and work, as the nominations are made without their knowledge or consent. Some may not have enough work or information to send. I am hoping the Jury now takes good decisions. Jury is a good mix of expertise and experience. Also no jury is connected to any shortlisted studio.
      Indi is obviously not a part of the next stage, it should not have been a part of this stage too, but we did not give any guidelines to nomination at all.

      this may have flaws and hopefully we will be able to work on it. But believe me i am thrilled to see 97 studios in the Shortlist…and thats awesome.

  8. Bhuvan says:

    Surprise to see few in the list. I guess, India has many gr8 design studios.

    • Sudhir says:

      India has much more talent than can be ever listed like this. This is just a humble start of something that i dont think many took seriously. i am sure the list will grow. keep checking.

  9. Vivekananda says:

    Hi Sudhir, we are pretty kicked to be in this list but we never filled up any surveys etc.
    There is something about sending in 5 projects – can you point me out to where to send these details ?

  10. Shashank Sekhar says:

    I liked indipool a lot.

  11. Paul Sandip says:

    Next year kindly add a category: Independent Design Consultants

  12. prasun says:

    Rest I cant comment much. You started quite well on brand design with Codesign, but then you lost it. And graphic design part, it shows lack of information. you guys missed one of the best. Not talking about myself ( that i would leave on others) but yes, dev kabir malik design.

    cheers for the effort though. (y)

  13. Rishabh arora says:

    Hi sudhir, kudos for taking this initiative like many others u,ve taken in the past. I am sure the the list and the system will evolve with time.
    I am the Art Director @ And Designs ( Anita Dongre ) . Good to see our name there. Pls let me know who to get in touch with in ur team.

  14. Omar faizan says:

    I dont know why but some of these agencies dont even have a decent website

    • Yes. Surprising. We have been facing major problems to contact them. some have wrong emails on websites. Most dont reply till you call them up like mad people.
      state of design in India ­čÖü

  15. Sudhir Bania says:

    This is great initiative, will surely shape up better next year and in future. Yet, very intrigued to know who fares where this year.
    May be there is a list of In-house design departments/ large teams (sometimes 1 or 2 designers) that are functioning in various companies. A different category of the Bests’ can be structured for the in-house teams. May be mention of number of Innovations churned out by them per year, Products launched per year, company revenue multiplied (%) due to design initiatives that year or something. The designers in companies sometimes loose their touch with the design community. This will get companies involved I suppose and community can grow beyond usual.

  16. Paul Sandip says:

    is Elephant Design beyond this nomination?

    • Sudhir says:

      Hi Paul,

      Unfortunately the name did not figure in the list at all.
      Honestly i was prepared to disqualify them on the fact that i have a legal case going on with them, but didnt have the luck to do that.

  17. The disciple says:

    Even I was wondering the same

  18. Angad Singh says:

    At most Design awards, jury members and organizers are not allowed to participate. As INDI is directly/ indirectly related to both the jury and the organizer, should they not humbly withdraw from the running? Otherwise, this great effort might be reduced to, by the INDI, of the INDI, for the INDI!

    • Dear Angad, in the first paragraph on top of the list it mentions

      ” The list is in alphabetic order and does not signify any order. Indi Design being the publisher of POOL magazine will withdraw from the lists.”

      So i guess you dont need to worry.Indi has humbly done. what you have suggested.

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