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SPACE10 wants to learn from India

SPACE10 opens a new research and design lab in Delhi, India. The goal is to create a collaborative platform where experts, creatives and specialists in multiple fields can meet, experiment, and prototype solutions, that can enable a better everyday life for people and planet. 

SPACE10 Delhi will be located in South Delhi, inside Chatarpur’s Dhan Mill Compound – an upcoming area for emerging design studios, artists, creatives and young professionals. Delhi’s new creative hub opens on November 22, 2019 and will run till April 15, 2020. 

Innovation doesn’t happen in isolation so we want to anchor our research and design process closer to people. We want to invite people in, gain new knowledge and perspectives, and engage forward-thinking partners in exploring, designing and testing sustainable solutions that enable more people to live a better everyday life, wherever they are. We hope SPACE10 Delhi ignite ideas, perspectives and solutions that wouldn’t have been possible anywhere else.

Kaave Pour, Managing Director, SPACE10 

A platform for design and innovation  

SPACE10 Delhi will host a public program – presenting everything from community talks and exhibitions to workshops and rapid prototyping. The aim is to gather local designers, technologists, artists, architects, academics, entrepreneurs and activists under one roof to explore and discuss how design and emerging technologies can create a better everyday life for people and planet. 

SPACE10 Delhi is a not-for-profit platform, open to the public, where diverse talents can meet, share and play. The program explores everything from digital fabrication and open source design to clean energy solutions and augmented reality. SPACE10 Delhi will also host residencies and collaborate with a myriad of partners – both local and international.  

Why India?

SPACE10 is based in Copenhagen and has previously popped up in cities like New York, London, Shanghai and Nairobi, but SPACE10 Delhi is the first of its kind – an entirely new SPACE10 location beyond Copenhagen. 

We want to be where the future is. India has a young, educated and tech savvy population and will soon be the most populated country on Earth with a fifth of the world’s youth living there. India is also one of the most diverse countries on the planet with the fastest growing economy. We therefore consider India extremely inspiring and as the ideal place to learn and explore new sustainable and scalable solutions that can help combat real problems for real people. 

Kaave Pour, Managing Director, SPACE10

Opens on SPACE10’s fourth year anniversary

SPACE10 Delhi will open with a launch event on Friday November 22 – marking the four year anniversary of SPACE10. 

About SPACE10

SPACE10 is a research and design lab based in Copenhagen – and soon in Delhi. SPACE10 explores solutions to some of the major societal changes expected to affect people and our planet in the years to come. In SPACE10’s short history – and despite just having hired its 30th employee – SPACE10 has become a world-renowned research and design lab on the global design scene; researching and designing solutions in everything from the future of food, architecture and city design, clean energy solutions to exploring the future of self-driving cars, as well as utilising the most promising avenues of emerging technology resulting in projects like the celebrated IKEA Place, an Augmented Reality app that allows people to place true-to-scale furniture in their own spaces.

SPACE10’s work has been exhibited all over the world and won multiple design awards – with SPACE10 being recognised as one of the most innovative companies in the world by Fast Company, earlier this year.


SPACE10 is proudly supported and entirely dedicated to IKEA – working as an independent research and design lab. SPACE10 bring new perspectives and design new solutions that enable IKEA to live up to their vision of creating a better everyday life for the many people.

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