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Spaces for the senses

As Creative Head at Project 810, Vritima Wadhwa helps reinterpret traditional design principles in the modern vernacular.

Project 810 is a design collaborative inspired by the world and rooted in the contemporary Indian context:

“We are dedicated to creating memorable spatial experiences across sectors and are driven and inspired by the chase for perfection and attention to details. Our team includes interior designers, furniture designers, product designers and architects.”

“A space isn’t only created by putting materials and tangible objects in space,” Vritima believes. ” All senses must be awakened when one enters a space. Details do not only lie just in the joineries of materials but in the touch of suede, the texture of limestone, bass of the guitar, and the smell of deodar. These senses are just as important as how we see the object with our eye.”

Upcycling cassettes for screens at Depot 48-a contemporary music themed eatery

Ankur & Priyanka Modi Store, New Delhi

A lawyer’s office, New Delhi

Flos lights at the auxiliaries booth at India Design 2018

The Hungry Monkey, New Delhi

They love using metal and concrete at Project 810, also making a conscious effort to use locally available materials:

“We’ve created furniture, lights, screens, doors and art in metal. We’re not material specific but some of our recent projects have seen a vast use of terrazzo and stone.”

Go Gourmet, One Horizon Centre, Gurugram

Outhouse Jewelry Store, Mumbai

According to Vritima, an exciting movement of design has emerged in India:

“Modern India is a stunningly illustrated exploration of cutting edge homes, bars and restaurants. International influences blend with the country’s culture, heritage and spirituality, beautifully giving birth to Indian contemporary design. At our studio we have always taken the traditional Indian principles of craft and design and reinterpreted them in a modern vernacular. It’s a conscious drive to create an identity that is distinctly Indian and yet stimulates a balance with the global audience.”

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