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Steering the brandwagon

As Design Center Manager for Philips Design in Bangalore, Abhimanyu Kulkarni has the opportunity to inspire a team to create iconic products that are synonymous with the company.

“Organizations like Philips know how to change with the times,” – Abhimanyu says. “That’s their secret sauce for long term success and sustainability. Philips has changed over the last 25 years, and with it I have changed too.”

ICCA Award Winner of Service Design 2017

Efficia ECG100 – IXDA award winning product, designed ground up in India

New Efficia CM100


Visiq: the portable ultrasound. Winner of iF Product Design Award 2014

Today’s understanding of design, in his opinion, has evolved immensely:

“It is not about product or UI but about its holistic impression in the user’s mind, its value proposition. Needless to say, different facets of our offerings must work together harmoniously or our users will get confused and frustrated.”

To see his products being used by real people, that too years after Abhimanyu worked on them, makes him feel good:

“I still come across many radios and two-in-ones in small tailoring or paan shops that were designed by me. The Philips ‘Smokeless Chulha’ project that my team worked on also makes me feel very proud. It is very satisfying when people tell us what a difference the ‘smokeless chulha’ has made to their health, living quality and in some cases their livelihood.”

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