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POOL is a role model for the rest of the world. I wish other growing economies could learn from it and follow what the people behind POOL have done to disseminate the value of design.

• Luis Arnal, Insitum, Sao Paulo •

Oh the joy of the printed treasure of POOL in our digital age! Stories of renowned and rising design talent in India and beyond are done with a fresh, insightful approach.

• Anaezi Modu, Rebrand, New York •

We applaud POOL for eliminating the pain of being away from the masses and instead providing a platform for designers to extend their ideas and design globally through the magazine.

• Anil Sinha, NID •

Ever since i first met Sudhir it was clear to me that he always wanted to give back to design more than he drew from it. We have thus been happy to support his initiatives, POOL has been yet another shining example

• Rajiv Bajaj, Bajaj Auto Ltd. •

Pool is a great introduction into Indian Design culture: here design has multiplicity of visions, multiple ways of how design can contribute to society and to business – Pool shares this diversity wonderfully

• Suresh Sethi,Whirlpool •

It is so great that POOL is a living archive that literally “pools” all Indian Design together.

• Prof, Dori Tunstall, Australia •

We often have a limited view of the exciting progress, innovative projects and inspirational stories that happen in other lands around the world. I am so pleased to see POOL magazine champion Indian design, and spread the word globally.

• Late William Drenttel, DO •


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