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Taking time to design

Watch designing is all about the minute detailing, says Mahendra Chauhan, who heads a talented team of designers at one of the world’s largest watch companies.

As Senior Design Manager and Team Head for Brand Titan, his role includes designing and managing the product portfolio for all the clusters of the brand, and sub brands including Edge, Octane, Raga and Nebula. Mahendra’s responsibilities are strategically aligned to give the best possible design solutions to the company.

Titan EDGE. Red Dot Design Award winner 2013

“Watches are a perfect representation of one’s personality, – Mahendra says, – it is important to craft them with all attention to detail. Creating an iconic design starts from the mechanism which drives the watch; every mechanism has different constraints and possibilities. It is also about creating an everlasting form, choosing the right material, appropriate finishing techniques, and creating a perfect composition of hands, dial and straps. Watch design is a highly dexterous and sophisticated task. On a lighter note, the iconicity of a watch is also defined by the 25 m rule – if one can identify a watch from a distance of 25 m then you have succeeded in creating an iconic watch!”

Titan Design Studio JUXT concept ideation

Titan JUXT

Titan JUXT

Designer believes, that for a great design leader it is important to translate the business requirements and vision of the company to minute design details and design briefs for designers to work with:

“Clarity of thoughts and mind is as important as creative skills. One should be able to work and navigate the corporate setup while still respecting the fundamentals of design. A good design leader has to be strategic in his thought process. He should give a compelling vision to the designers rather than designing everything himself. Ideas are not the only thing – it is a leader’s role to guide the team through flawless execution.”

Titan EGDE Traveller

Titan HTSE

Titan HTSE

Mahendra explains his passion for watches:

“…they are a perfect combination of form, function and emotion. Although it is small product it occupies a premium connect with human emotions and personality. I love the challenge of designing a product requiring a micro level of detailing. I enjoy design discussions that hover around microns and mm. Designing at that scale excites me tremendously. Design plays an important role in Titan’s business strategy and I feel extremely privileged to be associated with shaping that strategy as a design leader of the team.”


Titan Regalia Roman sketch

“Students of product design should never work in isolation, – he says, –  as current design is an intersection of business, technology, marketing and manufacturing. Knowledge in all of these fields is necessary to have a generalistic approach towards design. Today’s product designers are future experience designers as boundaries between hardware software and design are blurring very fast. It is important to gain all of these skills and to stay abreast of all the things happening around the world.”

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