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The ambiguity of abstraction

Visual artist Sahaya Sharma is hoping to ‘make a lot of art that makes humans think and feel’. She seems to be heading in the right direction…

Describe your style.

Playful, eclectic, color- and emotion-oriented and unpredictable in its predictability. I can’t stand monotony. A style is a healthy monotony, on the brink of becoming unhealthy. There has to be a difference in the repetition….


How do you approach a collection?

The collection usually works out very organically. I love taking notes about various random things and most of them materialize into paintings. The notes could comprise of quotes, thoughts recorded before or after the work, spiritual and scientific learnings and so on. They allow for the viewer to peer into my thought process and so I make sure to place them beside the work in an exhibition. A collection comes calling when you know you have to explore a theme in depth. Then it’s only about the theme and then color, of course.

‘Museum of Consciousness’ (Oil and acrylic on canvas, 7×9 ft, Singapore 2013)

‘Kanjivaram Conundrum’ (Acrylic and collage on canvas, Mixed media on canvas, 6 ft 6“x 3 ft 6 “, 2018).

Which media do you prefer?

I absolutely adore paint. I’ve tried to move away from it but it always finds its way back into whatever I’m working on. I love the burden of history that canvas holds and constantly strive towards breaking it. Paper is smooth and erasure friendly. My latest option has been metal.

Swim Float Don’t Sink Acrylic on Canvas (6×4 ft, 2018)

What, in your opinion, makes a piece of art a commercial success?

Relatability and relevance…the X Factor. There is an abstract formula of what appeals to the masses. But really, commercial success has many wings. Product placement is one of them. Associations and alliances all color identity and perception. Another wing is the ‘aura’ of the artist, musician, actor, dancer or author. Sometimes auras can be so alluring that they seem to transcend space and time. When that unexplainable X Factor comes into play, commercial success becomes a byproduct of being. But remember…entertainers cater to an audience. An artist creates an audience!

‘Instagram'(Mixed media on canvas, 7 x 4ft 2018)

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