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Ceramist Kritika Soni’s Philosophy of finding Beauty in Imperfection reflects in her handcrafted work.

‘For the walls. One tear at a time.’

What impact did a formal design education have on your career?

My design education has been the backbone of my creative practice. It has shaped my understanding of a good design aesthetic and exposed me to various methods and techniques of following a thorough design process. It has definitely played an instrumental role in enhancing my ability to think new ideas and to convert those ideas into something concrete.

What’s the story behind Kara Sabi?

The name ‘Kara Sabi’ comes from the Japanese language: Kara means ‘from’ while Sabi comes from Wabi Sabi. Kara Sabi means something derived from Wabi Sabi. KaraSabi is an expression of finding beauty in the imperfect through handcrafted ceramics. It draws inspiration from the Japanese philosophy of Wabi Sabi that honors all things old,worn, weathered, imperfect and impermanent. Through Kara Sabi, I attempt to present the beauty of handmade in its rustic form.

‘For the walls. One Tear at a Time.’

What inspires you?

The beauty in ageing and natural decay forms the basis of my inspiration. I am drawn to architectural ruins, weathered walls, fading wood, peeling paint and anything that bears the mark of time. Life is organic and I like to preserve that quality in my work as well. I use ceramics to make surfaces that are a raw reflection of the way nature works – that expresses that ageing is inevitable and hence should rather be embraced.

Where do you see ceramic art heading in India?

I feel ceramics is finally beginning to get an image makeover in India. I see a gradual shift happening in people’s sensibilities here – from a loud and glossy aesthetic to minimal and soft. It is an exciting time for India as it is in its transitional phase!

This article was originally published in POOL 107.

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