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As partners at GCD Studios, graphic designers Shahana Jain and Devshree Sahai contribute enthusiastically to the ‘creation of ideas without boundaries’

What does it take to create persuasive advertising campaigns?

SJ: The key to making a campaign effective is keeping it real and relatable. It is very important for the brand to find values that become uniquely associated with the user. A campaign can be effective and memorable but converting it into an actual reaction requires a deeper understanding. If it manages to strike a chord with the target audience and brings positive results for the brand it has served its purpose.

What are your secrets for smooth collaboration with top brands?

SJ: The key to good and longlasting relationships with clients is to understand them and their requirements in detail as well as work with them in a collaborative way to achieve the best solutions for the brand. We believe that the client is the master of his brand/product and therefore should remain involved in the design process on an ongoing basis. Isolation from the client can lead to disconnect, which may adversely affect the search for solutions. On our part we like to work from within, as partners with our clients, so they are instantly made to feel comfortable, which is imperative for effective communication throughout the project.

Where do you see branding and marketing in India heading in the next five years?

SJ: These are some of the trends I foresee:

The digital trend: With YouTube, social media and online portals becoming the media vehicles of this generation, the digital platform is hugely determining the trends in communication design. The future will increasingly witness the influence of technology and the digital medium on the way design is presented, the limitations of the mobile phone in particular.

The minimalistic trend: Brand identity design is getting simpler at one level. Designers are using more of sans serif fonts for logotypes, lower case type. Large and small brands are commissioning designers to simplify and refresh their identities to look more contemporary and digital-friendly.

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