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The human touch

When Pranav Mishra and Shyma Shetty teamed up to launch ready-to-wear label, HUEMN, they were attempting to fill a gap in the market with clothing that reflected their sensibilities.

“HUEMN is not just about the clothes – it is an idea”, Pranav says. “We don’t ever say that we only make clothes; what we do is a research and understanding of the human condition. It is a study of what excites us…of a celebration of acceptance, inclusivity and diversity. Clothing is simple, it is not rocket science. It is a celebration of one’s style.”

“To put it simply, HUEMN is narrative in structure. Our biggest influence is evolution. In thought, structure and body. I always believe in evolution over change – about taking what is now, and making it better suited to the now than before. This is the brand philosophy. We don’t see fashion as art. The core behind product development is the things we want to see and the things we want to touch, and what we want to communicate. Lastly the core goes back to understanding the consumer; because there has to be a desire for the product,” he added.




















HUEMN Project Instagram show

Shyma prefers to stay away from terms that bind the esthetic of the label:

“HUEMN has always been rooted in the now. Every collection is provoked by elements around us – whether socio-political themes or conversations about gender and identity. We get influenced by transient factors that impact the history of our times in some way and our attempt has always been to reflect that mood and provoke thought, hoping to influence how it plays out.”

Pranav talks about the challenges they have faced as HUEMN:

“One thing I have learnt over the last six years is that in any industry, you need to go against the establishment. Creativity isn’t in making clothes; it is how you translate your ideas, how you convert your business, the strategies you use. Fashion design in itself is a tricky industry. It is a combination of sales and art. When you are manufacturing or creating something you are selling the product. If you make art you need to go against the establishment, or a structure. But if you aren’t working with that structure you aren’t being an entrepreneur. You need to crack a space where you can do both at the same time.”

“Provoking thought through clothing and making sustainable choices on a far larger scale than we ever have, uniting as humans and speaking a universal tongue is the need of the hour,” they believe. “And in our small way, that’s what we are trying to do. We believe if you are in a position to influence, wield it responsibly. Be the change you want to see.”

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