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Visual and performing artist, Neha Kudchadkar is happy to juggle her various roles as long as they contribute to personal growth

Something polis

Describe your style.

NK: I do not have a fixed style. My approach varies from project to project; it is determined by the questions I have posed to myself at that time. In making the work, I am making a move towards a resolution, and the result is entirely the product of my inquiry. To me, the process of making is as critical, if not more critical, than the final product. The process and the research I undertake drives the ‘style’ and also determines the medium.

Molt (2019)

What inspires you?

NK: I am extremely aware of my social, emotional, political, environmental surroundings, and my work stems from that awareness – from my position as actor, observer or acted upon, and the questions that I constantly ask of myself and of my immediate environment. It is important for me that the process of making is a process of learning and personal growth. I draw inspiration from words, images, body language and gestures.

Handjob (2018)

How do you juggle your various roles – ceramicist, dancer, teacher, and collaborator?

NK: All the various roles I am committed to inform each other and give greater depth to my practice. Being interdisciplinary is vital to my way of thinking and making work. Over the years, and with some difficulty, I have found a way for these roles to flow into each other. I am learning to be content if, in everything that have done I have given my best and most honest contribution in the particular circumstances. One thing that I am extremely grateful for is a super strong support system.

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