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The nature of light

Prateek Jain and Gautam Seth of Klove Studio combine the delicacy of hand blown glass with the sturdiness of metals to create a breathtaking range of lighting options

Eagle, Shamanic Soul Collection

What made you swap your respective professional pursuits for lighting design?

It was a completely intuitive decision, based on our mutual love for quality product design. This reflects in the name we chose – Klove. In 2005, we launched Klove Studio with our first décor line, ‘Transparent, Translucent to Opaque,’ a study in how different materials such as glass, mesh, stone and metal responded to light and space. It was through this exploration that we found ourselves drawn to the intriguing interplay between glass and light.


Describe your style.

We follow guidance hiding in plain sight – intuition, simplicity, raw and honest (sometimes larger-than-life) beauty. The uniqueness comes from the fact that we’ve taught ourselves to be designers ‘on the job.’ We travel extensively, documenting different perspectives around the world and apply that to what our experience with blown glass design has taught us so far. The result is two-fold: on one hand, we enrich and improve our existing style. On the other, fantasy and functionality blend to produce something new and exciting.


How is designer lighting placed in the market today?

We feel it’s asserting itself in a high-octane, yet organized and extremely creative way; both, as a part of interior design and as a full-fledged industry in its own right. Designer lighting is very inclusive and responsive, even if the special design nuances make it a fairly niche area; because it’s these very nuances that absorb consumers’ demands for upscale esthetics and effortless functionality. In order to get that balance right, we see an interesting amalgamation of classic and contemporary approaches all the time.

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