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The perfect Balance

Aniruddh Mehta is as much graphic designer as visual artist, and he tries to bridge the gap through his work at Studio Bigfat

What does it take to create work that bridges the disciplines of art and design?

Though art and design may have similarities and the two disciplines often coexist, they are rooted in different schools of thought. I’ve always loved making things; and to me art is birthed from (and exercised as) an unconstrained freedom of expression, whereas design is catered towards a set objective that is often very focused and specific.

Immersive space design for HP

What does it take to work with brands? Share your tips.

Do honest work, be consistent and genuine. Don’t ever feel entitled. Know your worth, but also know that nobody owes you anything; I guess the brands or the kind of work you are looking for will eventually find you. A good idea is to build mock projects for your portfolio with a brief set by you – this way you create a body of work similar to the kind of work you would like to be commissioned. Brands need to have faith that you can put out the kind of work they would like to be associated with, so invest your time in building value because it will later convert to commissioned work.

Netflix’s ‘Sacred Games’ title sequence design

What are the challenges in your line of work?

However liberating and productive it is for me to work alone on most days, it can get tiresome and sometimes you can get pigeonholed with certain directions on a project. It’s always important to share work with your peers and get feedback. For more constructive feedback, ask someone what isn’t working instead of what is!

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