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The Richness of handmade

Amit Vijay a and Richard Pandav are committed to bringing together many hands and hearts through their clothing label ‘amrich’

How does your label amalgamate the luxury of handmade and the richness of Indian crafts?

AV: Indian textiles and crafts are renowned for their richness and diversity and we try and do our bit to showcase the repository in new and exciting ways. We are just a means to get the beauty of Indian handloom and textile techniques out on a national and international platform. We make use of age-old craft techniques but with design intervention at various stages in the process, and work closely with craftspeople to create new avatars of their techniques.

Our brand philosophy is something that we absolutely believe in:  elegance of simplicity; beauty of handmade; and indulgence of comfort. The real luxury is the fact that there are a lot of hands and hearts involved in the creation of each and every piece – from the hand woven textiles to the special surface techniques applied on them, the research and development of new silhouettes and the finishing of each and every garment or accessory.

‘Ties & Bind’ at Lakme Fashion Week

Is it difficult to work with artisans?

AV: An understanding of the techniques is an absolute must when planning a collection with artisanal crafts. The knowledge of the limitations, as well as the possibilities of breaking away from tradition, is something that excites us and helps put across the talent of the craftspeople. Making the craftspeople try and develop novel techniques within their scope to bring newness is always a challenge. The beauty of it all is when the artisans agree to experiment and create; and when they themselves appreciate the final outcome that takes a lot of toil and trouble. We make sure that our label absorbs any byproducts that are created, and the craftsperson does not have to incur any losses at any given point. Working in this manner for more than a decade has ensured trust between us and our family of artisans, who now demand new ideas at different points of time.

Fabric hand-stitched for dyeing – Shibori

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