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The romance of letters

Tara Nair traces her creative journey through the art of calligraphy.

She provides copyright designs to a stationery company in Bengaluru, and also works on quotes to inspire people, looking forward to collaborating with publications on book-cover designing. Currently Tara takes up personalized artwork from clients, such as wedding stationery, other ceremony invites, logo designing for creative-preneurs, product packaging, menu designing, custom phone case designing, greetings and framed historic letters. To her calligraphy is like meditation:

“Whenever I start writing with my pen, the way ink flows out of the nib and makes stunning letters with each stroke is meditative to me. To me calligraphy is as pure and divine as anything Zen. Using ink and other hand-tools (brushes, dip pens, bamboo pens, etc.) to write letters is a visual art.”

Preparation for designing an invitation card

Calligraphy practice by a workshop attendee

Exquisite calligraphy wedding invitation

Everlasting love artwork

Her prime source of inspiration is morning sunrays:

“I don’t touch a work post sunset (apart from blogging). I get inspired by numerous artists and their stories. Whenever I go out to parks, gardens or cafes, I make sure to take my sketchpad, a pencil and a marker. You never know from where and how you will get inspired; you look around and there it is.”

Being a self-taught calligraphy artist, she preferred to learn through hardcore practice and experience.

“However one must have an inner drive to do more, – she believes, –  strive more and ace this skill. Calligraphy is vast and the more you get into it, the more it raises your interest to go forth and excel. Even after so many years, I can’t place myself even 1% closer to Masters of Penmanship. To really achieve elegance in writing, one must learn it from either the experienced or the masters.”

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