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Through Baaya Design, Shibani Jain combines her considerable experience in the craft sector with an innate understanding of interiors to help customers create their own little nest

The installation at Starbucks, Bombay House :
made of copper enamel and brass dhokra plates.

What does it take to bring traditional art with a contemporary twist into Indian homes and workspaces?

There are myriad possibilities in the application of these forms. The fact that they are malleable and handmade makes crafts easy to customize. Artisans have the skill to apply a craft faster or better than anyone else but this isn’t enough. A sense of the space, of the colors, of the purpose of the building or structure becomes vital. The skill has to be translated to the interiors as per size or theme.

What has been your experience of working with artisans?

Working with artisans has been both extremely delightful and challenging. Delightful, because they have magic in their hands, and the spectacle of watching products shape up right in front of your eyes is always captivating. I am amazed by the artisans’ fluid understanding of craft, their assertion of individuality, and devotion to the form. Their experienced hands lend a lot of speed to what they do.

Life-sized illustration on canvas on the canteen wall of Tata

How does your interest in Tarot and Reiki translate into your work as a designer?

I view them as links in the same continuum. Tarot offers awareness, Reiki offers healing and crafts offers connectedness. I am always on the lookout for a process that leads to deep internal fulfilment. As vehicles of healing and transformation, they help me reconnect with the core and make a sustainable difference. All three of these are means to rejuvenation.

This article was originally published in POOL 107.

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