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Time to create

Product and accessory designer Chetan Sharma had never worn a watch when he was first called upon to design one! He’s come a long way from there to designing jewelry for a well known Mumbai-based studio.

The turning point in his design career came at Titan Design Studio in Bangalore, where he was working with Mahendra Chauhan, head of the Titan Design Team.

“Watch making takes lots of time.” – Chetan admits. “The most important thing I learned from designing watches is patience. It takes about nine months from starting the story for a collection, market research, trend forecast, and inspiration boards to the first sketch on paper and the first metal prototype. The product hits the stores after almost 13 months. I have worked on various materials from paper to wood and glass to gold, but I enjoy working with watches the most. I love sketching and before designing watches we have to do lots of drawings for better understanding of the concept.”

Onsite execution

V.M. inspired by the form of a peacock feather for Tanishq Zoya Mumbai Store

Onsite execution

Inspired from Make In India Logo; customised for Indian Government under Titan

Concept stage

Ladies watch inspired from Mobius Curve for
Titan Purple Collection. Digitally rendered

Ladies watch for Titan Purple Collection, multi wearability

Concept stage

Inspired from sea corals and shell patterns for Titan Raga Pearl Collection 2012

Inspired from Ajanta cave
architecture for Titan Nebula Collection 2015; 18kt Gold

Inspired from minimal architectural forms for
Titan Ladies Edge 2016

Inspired from sea corals and shell patterns for Titan Raga Pearl Collection 2012

Inspired from sea corals and shell patterns for Titan Raga Pearl Collection 2012

He got a chance to work on the Titan Nebula pure gold watch collection in 2015. The story Chetan proposed for this project was the architecture of Ajanta-Ellora, which led to designing an 18 karat gold ladies watch:

“I enjoyed working on this project as it involved dealing with gold and working on Indian architecture, which I love.”

Today he works as a senior jewelry designer and researcher with, a jewelry design studio in Mumbai.
Currently Chetan is developing Caratlane’s next season collection for 2017 – 18, and also doing research on Indian history. He draws inspiration from Indian historical monuments such as Ajanta-Ellora, Sanchi Stupa, Mahabalipuram, and Khajuraho, planning to design a collection of personal accessories in future.

Designer believes that “starting your work with pencil and paper allows you to think beyond the basic creations; drawing or sketching increases your observation power; it allows you to go and innovate; and helps you to execute better structures. Writing notes also helps a lot.”

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