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Timeless appeal

Divya Lahoria of Kopé London is hoping to blend traditional craft with global trends in a sustainable and ethical fashion.

“Kopé’ comes from the Greek word ‘Perikopé’, meaning a cutting from a sacred writing. – designer explains. “Kopé’s collections encapsulate my values, esthetics and conversations with a global community of creators. It is not defined by an age group but by joy, confidence, style, and elegance. Through the brand I promote creativity and endorse sustainable fashion with ethical means of production.”

Currently Kopé has a wide selection of scarves and some textile accessories like silk and linen bags. Team is constantly working to expand into new product categories, in meanwhile marketing existing products at trade and retail shows and through various online and social media platforms.

Their upcoming collection uses hand-woven cashmere from India, printed and hand finished in Italy. The designs are inspired by the life and works of a Mexican artist, keeping in mind British customer base.

“Creating something so complex, while bringing different sensibilities and skill sets together is challenging and deeply satisfying!” – Divya admits.

Ombre Cashmere – Scarf

Festival – Scarf

Ombre Cashmere – Scarf

The Music Lesson – Scarf

Cashmere Scarf

Kopé has created a 100% vegan collection of scarves from six original paintings by John Hyatt,  a British artist, musician and painter. Careful consideration has been put into the design process to achieve a balance between the artist’s sensibilities and Kopé esthetics. Kopé London is currently expanding into men’s fashion accessories such as ties, pocket squares and scarves as well as some home textiles.

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