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Timeless Textures

Fashion and Textile Designer Swati Kalsi tries to bring contemporary relevance to the work of traditional artisans


Swati Kalsi

Swati collaborates and engages with traditional artisans in intense, interactive, creative workshops and processes to innerve the artist in them, creating distinct pieces of work, treading on the edge of design, craft and art.

Emerging layers, diluting depths, gradations, rhythms in nature always caught my eye and have gradually become my vocabulary for ornamentation. I believe a hand has a brain of its own. It can think and create surfaces that neither programmed machines nor human hand can recreate. So, my efforts are largely focused on marrying the unmatched skills of the traditional artisans with an aesthetic spirit.

Swati is enticed by the Sujani, an embroidery tradition from Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and it has led her to explore the textured surfaces in Sujani through her designs.

 The surface created in Sujani out of simple running stitches, moving in transient intensities, sizes and colors suggest natural processes and also reflect the spirit of the creator.

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