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Visual Appeal

Whether through photographs or films, Arjun Kamath has stories to tell and he does them with élan

What role has formal education played in your career?

Studying Film and TV Production at USC School of Cinematic Arts, Los Angeles had a significant impact on me as an artist. It helped me find my voice and gave my flair a direction. It wasn’t just the course – when you’re constantly accompanied by people representing different cultures, talents, and perceptions, you get excited about what you can bring to the table. I think film school helped me gain a unique perspective and allowed me to give my work an authenticity that I had always wanted.

What type of photography do you tend to favor?

I enjoy portraiture the most. Each time I am traveling someplace, I go around its alleys and streets to photograph people in their daily lives. Similarly, I always manage to add a portrait or two in my fashion shoots and photo stories. I believe that every set of eyes has a story to tell, and portraiture gives me the freedom to add my bit to these stories by creating different moods in the pictures. It’s like meeting the person halfway through their story and narrating it in a way that appeals to me and the audience. And I find this amalgamation of two perspectives worth chasing.

‘From a precious culture, we bloom’ from the portrait series with actress Sobhita Dhulipala (Mumbai, 2018)

Image from viral photo story ‘Avani’

What differentiates professional photography today when everyone sees themselves as a photographer?

Professional photography requires undivided focus and dedication. All successful photographers have a unique style and take on things that set them apart. Clicking a picture is something everyone can do, but making ones which grab attention, tell a story, and transport the audience to another world is a different ballgame altogether. It only comes with honesty and patience.

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