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When clay comes into play

Vinod Daroz’s striking ceramic sculptures are the result of a mysterious dialogue between his hands and the clay

How did you fall in love with ceramics and sculpture?

I find that the most interesting thing about sculpture is its three dimensionality, which gives a lifelike feeling to the forms. In pottery and ceramics one gets involved more physically with the medium, as you touch, blend and mould it with your hands. I was very attracted by the possibility of adding color to forms in ceramics.

What did it take to establish your own studio?

Ceramics is a medium that teaches you patience and discipline. I would call it a ‘delicate child’, which requires its creator’s care and attention until it goes to someone who can also do the same. In this regard, the studio space for a ceramic artist is really important and needs careful maintenance. Unless you practice continuously and experiment, you won’t be able to contribute something new or establish an individual language or style. It was this context that got me into thinking of establishing my own studio space.

‘Sanctum – sanatorium’ (from ‘Temple’ series, 2018). Stoneware and
porcelain (70’x34′ 4′). Collection: Private collector in China

‘Pestle'(Sanctum-sanatorium, from ‘Temple’ series,2018). Porcelain(30’x35’4′). Collection: Private collector in China

What inspires you?

I play with the scale and appearances of forms derived from religion and architecture, especially the gopurams and sculptures of South Indian temples. I like landscapes – I have a great interest in observing mountains, valleys, rivers and natural phenomenon like rains. The process in ceramic medium directly comes in contact with the elements of nature – earth, water, air and fire. During the process of working I feel that I am participating in a ritual with these four elements of energy.

‘Untitled’ (from ‘Temple’ series, 2012).
Porcelain (12’x5′). Collection:
Rakesh Aggarwal, India

What would you advise young ceramic artists?

Don’t think that this is a medium based just on physical labor and technicalities. Every piece of work is a thought and you are a thinking person. Translate your thought into an experience for the viewer.

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